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We need to create new ways of working, develop new routines and simple behaviors to better connect. With 1.5.30 Connect, you can!

People. A Call to Action

The best brand ambassador is an engaged employee. The best route to transformation is an engaged employee. The best change catalyst is an engaged employee. Let’s make the post pandemic world a supercharged era of people solutions that change our world of work.

If there was ever a silver lining for what is a great human and economic tragedy, it is the opportunity to  truly bring people to the top of the leadership agenda.


People drive the world – in business they are your superpower, your competitive advantage: their efforts, their ideas, their innovations. But the world of work has been more than morbid for so many. Let’s call on leadership at every level to bring sweeping new ideas in people solutions and supercharge employee engagement.

For more than three decades companies have pushed people as their greatest asset. It’s now time to figure out how to make that a reality and bring it to life in all businesses.

With so much coming at people today, particularly leaders, we know it’s not lack of desire or any form of culpability. It’s a lack of capacity, it’s a lack of the right tools and frameworks, and sometimes it is a lack of capability. But for very little cost, there are so many things you can do to step up your people practices by stepping up our own behaviors and creating leaders at every level.

1.5.30 – A Simple Tool

As the 21st century continues to unfold in unpredictable ways, the way you motivate, connect, collaborate, define your strategies, develop your objectives and make your decisions at work, will define the level of change you make in your business and the level of performance you achieve. It will engage your people to bring their best selves to work, or not.

If you are still using the same management practices and processes of last decade (or frankly even last year), you risk stunting people’s engagement in your business, and by extension, the company’s future prosperity and growth.

While Pamela Hackett, Proudfoot CEO and author of Manage to Engage loads your toolkit with easily implementable ideas to better engage and lift your results at work, there is one tool she spotlights as the absolute secret weapon to employee engagement.  And she wants to share it with the world.  1.5.30 Connect.

If you really want to build street cred, you’ve got to go all in, really engage with people. To kick that off is easy – take your nose out of your device and socially connect even if you need to be physically distant! Go #HeadsUP

The past decade may have flattened the organization structure, reducing the need for traditional supervision, but the need for front line leaders to connect has never been more essential. #HeadsUP leadership is safer, more engaging, and more productive. It’s also more human. With the simple 1.5.30 concept at its heart, it teaches leaders that checking-in is more valuable than checking up and routine brings comfort to everyone.

If you want to go #HeadsUP and use 1.5.30, here you go:


Check-in once a day – if only for a quick health check and catch-up. What’sUp? Howzit?


Meet, Team, or Zoom for at least 30 minutes once a week. Make this about progress: how the week went, what help people need and how the following week will go. Coach where you can.


Have a meaningful face-to-face (even by video) once a month to discuss how someone is feeling and performing. Coach and guide on how to keep leaning forward and achieving remarkable results.

#HeadsUP is a call to action for leaders at every level, and focuses you on essential leadership skills – whether you’re leading work from home or at your workplace, you need presence and vision, you need to be tech savvy, and to coach and influence. These need to be universally understood to help people step up in their work and achieve. Then you need to connect.

When Pam and Proudfoot launched #HeadsUp, we weren’t thinking of a global viral pandemic, we were thinking of a worldwide leadership engagement movement. We sent out a message to search for and spotlight #HeadsUP Leaders across the world, setting up a website www.headsuptoday.global to capture these leaders and showcase the human side of the business. But today, it’s a necessary movement. There is a need to look up from our technology, our reporting and our devices and connect. To be socially connected even if we need to be physically distant. Together apart. Our wellness depends on it. Our next-generation leaders will follow on from it. We’re urging everyone to get in the game and go #HeadsUP.  1.5.30 Connect is the way to get there.

Coming to a Workplace Near You: The Biggest Change Project Ever

As we’ve seen over the past years, and the decades before that, fighting the epidemic of disgruntlement that is sweeping the business world requires change not just at the very heart of your business, but also in your own personal management and leadership style: because you are the greatest trigger of engagement. When employees invest their discretionary effort because they want to, not because they must, you know you are engaging people. But for that to happen, we need to create new ways of working – simple behaviors to better connect, like 1.5.30. Together they help you manage to engage.

You are here – spotlight on employee engagement

An engaged workforce is the great advantage. Everything you do as a manager requires people to be engaged. Transformation requires an engaged workforce. Performance improvement requires an engaged team. Achieving your objectives requires engaged team members. Being a great corporate citizen requires you engage your community. Engagement levels power up or shut down an organization. As a manager and leader, you have a direct impact on engagement.

Engagement can now be evaluated with the new leadership scorecard of the 2Fs and the 7Cs:

A Team Leader Guide to How You Keep Connected at Work

Download the guide here

There should be no debate. No coercing or cajoling to recognize this fact. Engagement counts. Engagement ignites competitive advantage, it creates change. Engagement enables talent to flow to your organization, innovation to flow through your business, and ultimately, money to flow and fund your efforts particularly during recessionary or post pandemic times when money is tight.  Investors and customers alike, are attracted by engagement. Your boss wants to invest in a winning team. And we all know the phrase ‘success breeds success’. Engagement breeds results. 

Engagement is the secret sauce of business. Engage your people, engage your teams, engage your organization and you will engage your customers and your marketplace. 

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