Over our 70-year history, Proudfoot has worked with leaders across the world. In recent years we have seen a movement toward a more isolated, dehumanized approach to leadership. Leadership where managers get distracted by technology rather than empowered; where they email rather than call. Where leaders don’t have enough time to check in with their teams, and instead check up on them. We are bowing down and backing out as our heads are buried in our devices.

People need to get back in the game of life and go #HeadsUP. Leaders need to make conscious efforts to engage with each another. They need to enable one another to be great. Leaders need to energize one another. And you can’t do that via email, or text or WhatsApp. You can’t change the world if you spend all your time with data, rather than creating a movement to act on data.

If you’re not going #HeadsUP regularly, you’re losing the opportunity to connect more fully in the real world: You’re losing the opportunity to make a difference.

Get to know each other again – Get in the Game – Go #HeadsUP

Get involved. Join the conversation. Act today.