Aye Myat Thu (AMT)

Aye Myat Thu

Assistant Manager (Logistics), Cycle & Carriage Myanmar

“If you want to know anything about the operation, AMT was the best person for you to go to.” – Head of IT, CCM

Aye Myat Thu (AMT) is a qualified engineer and experienced Logistics manager, who is skilled in negotiation, business planning and operations management. At Jardine Cycle & Carriage, she is revered for her active management style and in-depth knowledge of the business.

One who always looks at the bigger picture, especially during the implementation of the project, there are many examples of Aye Myat Thu’s deep understanding of the company’s vision. She can take the macro vision and translate it into a set of objectives for her team. AMT is known for her supportive management style and for practicing daily one-on-one meetings with her team members and willingness to coach and provide learning opportunities. 

Her tech savvy leadership style shows itself through AMT’s adoption of new technologies to benefit the business. She has proposed ideas to digitise daily reporting activities, relieving the burden of repetitive administration work. She also led the development and implementation of a new logistics operating dashboard which significantly simplified reporting.