The #HeadsUP High Five


What defines a #HeadsUP leader? The #HeadsUP High Five encapsulates just what it takes to be a true #HeadsUP leader in a disrupted, distracted world:

1. Presence

#HeadsUP leaders are visible, active and their presence is felt. They remove the barriers and enable things to happen. They connect with the environment around them and focus on people and relationships, balancing human interaction with technology and data.

2. Vision

#HeadsUP leaders have a macro vision (the big idea) and micro vision (translated into team objectives). They are visionaries who link a plan to a purpose. They are also creators who like to build an ecosystem in their environment; an endless cycle of improved behaviours.

3. TechSavvy

#HeadsUP leaders use technology and management tools to help people perform, collaborate and make decisions through real-time data monitoring and results achievement. They use data to lead teams to perform productive and meaningful work.

4. Coach

#HeadsUP leaders are mentors and coaches, and lifelong learners. They know coaching is the greatest gift to give to others. They give people the opportunity to learn, experiment and experience new and different skills and situations that enable growth.

5. Influence

#HeadsUP leaders are networkers and influencers. They develop their skills of influencing and the ability to collaborate with diverse groups to implement ideas. They keep people moving forward. They are performance multipliers and idea incubators.

Get involved. Join the conversation. Act today.