Proudfoot has collaborated with colleagues, business partners and friends to create the #HeadsUP global movement, encouraging people to be better leaders in all aspects of their lives by connecting with one another and engaging with their environment. With greater connection and engagement, extraordinary results can be achieved. Whether that is creating more inspiring and high performing workplaces, building more cohesive and engaged communities or motivating leaders of the future.

Proudfoot’s own history is steeped in promoting the values of active leadership across diverse cultures around the globe. Proudfoot has always shown how leaders can be created at every level. Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 company, a start-up or demonstrating behaviours outside the world of work, going #HeadsUP and getting in the game can change your world and the world of others.

Proudfoot knows that each leader is in a position of great influence; leaders shape the success, the motivation and the wellbeing of their people and teams. They understand this is a great responsibility. By adapting your management style to include the Eight Active Management Behaviors, and practicing the #HeadsUP High Five daily, you will be contributing not just to a stronger business, but a better society as well.

#HeadsUP is focused on developing each person as a leader and using the #HeadsUP manifesto, tools and skills to help be better versions of themselves and inspire those around them.

Get involved. Join the conversation. Act today.