The #HeadsUP Pledge


#HeadsUP is a collaborative global movement that is dedicated to encouraging better leadership at every level. Over our 70-year history, Proudfoot has worked with leaders across the world. In recent years we have seen a movement toward a more isolated approach to leadership, where managers get distracted by technology rather than empowered. #HeadsUP is about developing better leaders who prioritize human interaction in order to build extraordinary businesses and communities. Ultimately, #HeadsUp is focused on individuals as leaders (making them a better leader) and to use the #HeadsUp skills to help their teams and people be better.


Through #HeadsUP, Proudfoot is championing a global movement that encourages better leadership and, above everything, promotes the importance of human engagement. and enabling people and their teams to participate (be present) and perform (be great). The #HeadsUP Pledge is an opportunity for leaders to publicly commit to the importance of strong leadership, at every level, to better engage people – whether in change, transformation or just day to day performance. Joining hands with stakeholders from a range of industries and sectors, Proudfoot will provide a platform for influence and change.


Industry/Professional Associations

        • To help drive strong business success
        • To unite collaboration and knowledge for leaders across multiple industries
        • To benchmark industry performance


        • To be an effective manager and create a better workplace
        • To create a better place to work
        • To elevate the capabilities of employees under active #HeadsUP leaders

Large Corporates

        • To create an improved workplace culture
        • To develop leadership capability
        • To drive business performance


We aim to enable strong leadership at every level to better engage people – whether in change, transformation or just day to day performance. Proudfoot aims to create a global community that balances technology with people and human connection in today’s AI-driven and increasingly automated world.


What defines a #HeadsUP leader? The #HeadsUP High Five encapsulates just what it takes to be a true #HeadsUP leader in a disrupted, distracted world:

1. Presence

#HeadsUP leaders are visible, active and their presence is felt. They remove the barriers and enable things to happen. They connect with the environment around them and focus on people and relationships, balancing human interaction with technology and data.

2. Vision

#HeadsUP leaders have a macro vision (the big idea) and micro vision (translated into team objectives). They are visionaries who link a plan to a purpose. They are also creators who like to build an ecosystem in their environment; an endless cycle of improved behaviours.

3. TechSavvy

#HeadsUP leaders use technology and management tools to help people perform, collaborate and make decisions through real-time data monitoring and results achievement. They use data to lead teams to perform productive and meaningful work.

4. Coach

#HeadsUP leaders are mentors and coaches, and lifelong learners. They know coaching is the greatest gift to give to others. They give people the opportunity to learn, experiment and experience new and different skills and situations that enable growth.

5. Influence

#HeadsUP leaders are networkers and influencers. They develop their skills of influencing and the ability to collaborate with diverse groups to implement ideas. They keep people moving forward. They are performance multipliers and idea incubators.


By signing up to the #HeadsUP Pledge, you will:

        • Agree to follow the #HeadsUP High Five.
        • Use the Eight Active Management Behaviors and encourage your people to use the Eight Active Team Member Behaviors.
        • Share your experiences and good practice examples. From time to time we will invite you to join us at events and collaborate in the collective movement.
        • Encourage relevant stakeholders to approach us to sign the #HeadsUP Pledge. We are lookingto build the movement with representatives across all corners of the globe.

You can choose to take part in the pledge at two levels.

        1. As a Supporter: The signatory commits to and champions the core principles of the #HeadsUP Pledge
        2. As an Implementer: The signatory goes one step further in implementing one or more recommendations for success.

Sign the #HeadsUP Pledge and join the Alliance